Surface electromyography
and thermoscan

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Surface Electromyography and Thermoscan

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Corrige subluxaciones vertebrales

The spine can be affected by several diseases, mainly degenerative, such as, cervical disc herniation, lumbar disc herniation, cervicoarthrosis, scoliosis, lumbar spinal stenosis, degenerative lumbar disc disease, among others.


We must, however, highlight that in order to provide an accurate diagnosis, the chiropractor must carry out a study of the spine and determine the pathologies.


In many cases, an examination of the spine will require the performance of more advanced medical methods such as the Surface Electromyography and Thermoscan.

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QuiroPlaza Quiroprácticos en San Juan
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QuiroPlaza Quiroprácticos en San Juan

Surface electromyography and thermoscan in Puerto Rico


The surface electromyography and thermoscan of the spine let you see muscle activity and the distribution of the neuromuscular signal of the spine, allowing precise, rapid and non-invasive detection of deviations or subluxations of the vertebrae that interfere with optimal functioning of the nervous system.


This chiropractic evaluation can be performed on patients standing or sitting, and guarantees chiropractic treatment by providing a certified database to observe the patient’s improvement in each chiropractic session.

The Physical Exam of the Spine detects important body parts, palpates relevant structures, assess range of motion and neurological health, among others.


For example, the physical examination for scoliosis is efficient to detect asymmetries in the shoulders and hump or elevation of the rib cage on one side. To diagnose scoliosis, a scoliometer exam and thermoscan can be suggested.


At QuiroPlaza we have more than 15 years of experience performing spinal exams to guarantee optimal health for our patients.


Chiropractic Adjustments


Evaluación quiropráctica en el Centro Quiropráctico Quiropráctico


It consists of taking the medical history, conducting orthopedic, physical, neurological and sensory examinations, among others.
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Rayos X digital al momento en el Centro Quiropráctico Quiroplaza


Instant imaging without developing x-rays allows the flexibility to view x-rays on the spot. Make an appointment
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Ajustes de la columna y ajuste cervical en centro quiropráctico quiroplaza


Manual adjustments and with instruments such as TRT, Activator, Impulse, ArthroStim, among others.
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estudio computadorizado de la columna con niveles de temperatura

Surface Electromyography
and Thermoscan

It is a non-invasive study that detects through temperature and conduction the problem areas by vertebral segments in the spine in the nerves and muscles
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Terapia laser tipo IV en centro quiropráctico quiroplaza

Class IV Laser

Lightforce Deep tissue Laser Class IV we have three laser machines, some of the most powerful and effective on the market.
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Modalidades de Fisioterapia y masajes para dolor de espalda


The service consists of ultrasound therapy, current therapy such as interferential, cold, heat massage among others.
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Tratamiento basado en tracción en la columna

Cox Flexion
Distraction Treatment

It consists of a decompression of the spine using the specialized technique by the chiropractor with the Cox table as an instrument.
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Corrige problema de pisada o condición en los pies en el centro quiropráctico Quiroplaza


Through a digital scan of the feet, the distribution of the body's weight on the feet, posture and footprint is analyzed.
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